Wild boys is a representation of a space where vulnerability shines and growth is found.

The order of the pictures is intentional to build the dynamic of the series. The two photos on the end are direct inverses of each other. From the positioning of the subjects in the frame, to their stance and the colors of the photo all together. The picture in the middle serves as a bridge, you might notice it first.

The particular environment the boys are found in is one they cannot control or run away from. They must be true and show their full self to gain the growth they seek.

Much more than that each one of these pictures were taken at different years of my life, some of the hardest yet. Each one is a representation of the space I would find myself sinking into to find clarity, reasoning, and answers. That space was usually where I was by myself and I was able to learn how to be myself. I guess you could say my younger brother in the middle picture is a reflection of myself starring back at me, showcasing the growth I’ve made.

AMARANTHINE (adj.) undying, immortal, eternally beautiful.

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